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1) Introduction:

This is a simple preprocessing tool to merge individual gene FPKM files (Eg. fpkm files from cufflinks)

NOTE: first column must contain the genes. If the gene columns do not match in all files, this tool will not work

  • Merge individual gene FPKM files. See Sample Input Files below for more details
  • Or merge multiple matrices
  • Convert ensembl gene IDs to gene names
    • Option to choose from available genome/versions
  • Option to convert FPKMs to TPMs
  • Download merged FPKMs file in .csv format

2) Sample Input Files:

Select multiple files to upload, E.g. Input files:

File 1 of 8: Sample_S2L_gene_fpkms.txt

File 2 of 8: Sample_S2V_gene_fpkms.txt

etc ...

Note: File names will be used as sample (column) names in output table. You can edit the column names after merging

3) Sample Output File:

Output depending on options selected:

A) Without renaming/converting genes (Default)

B) Retrieve gene names (replace), E.g. output file

C) Retrieve gene names (add), E.g. output file

mergeFPKMs developed by Bioinformatics Core

Center for Genomics and Systems Biology, NYU Abu Dhabi

Acknowledgements: Nathalie Neriec

Copyright (C) 2018, code licensed under GPLv3